If one of your customers gives you a great review online or over the phone, why shouldn’t you be able to share it with the world instantly using Social Media?

That’s the concept behind H2insight’s InSocial.  We put together savvy interviewing and research skills with great technology.  We get those great reviews and ratings from your customers onto the Internet--on high traffic social media platforms--as quickly as possible, where they can be seen and make a difference. That means you not only improve your online reputation.  You also get relevant content, social media activity, and quality links where they can help your search engine rankings. 

It’s a win-win proposition in every direction; it reinforces current customers’ decisions, it builds your reputation and ranking, and it helps prospective customers to become well-informed.

Setup is simple, so ask us how to improve the visibility of your customer reviews today.  The sooner you get started, the greater your online presence!