H2insight CEO, Vince Kudla As we look to our 26th year in business, we continue to remain focused on simply providing the best overall value proposition and customer experience for our clients in the markets that we serve. We also have a renewed mission and vision as an organization. I believe that our people are truly our most valuable asset and that together our goal is to build a great business for a greater purpose.

Our focus is proactive customer engagement. While technology is a critical aspect within all of our delivery mechanisms, utilizing the telephone and providing that personal touch has always been a niche and competitive strength of H2insight. As we engage millions of our clients’ customers each year, many via telephone, we have the privilege to work with hundreds of individual employees to accomplish our goals. This is both a privilege and a responsibility that we do not take for granted. We invest heavily in training, quality and the ongoing development of our team members so that we can deliver on a high level of expectations. Quality and excellence remain key core values for H2insight that are not simply words on a page. While we understand that we are not perfect, the passion and pursuit of that perfection has never been stronger than it is right now.

What we hope to become and what we aspire to contribute has been cemented from our past experiences and is being reinforced through the hearts of our existing team. While we faced significant challenges during the recession, as did many of our clients and vendors, that period helped to further define who we are as an organization. Several of the primary industries we serve were the hardest hit by the economy. We survived that time and currently look ahead to yet another year of strong growth. Many have asked us how we were able to endure such a period of devastation to the target industries that we serve. I believe that it’s an appropriate time to answer this question openly. While there are a variety of tactical initiatives that we might point to for an explanation, the answer is much simpler...our reliance on our faith. We believe that God has guided our steps and has provided us with any and all of the success that we have experienced. He provided the provision for us to survive the greatest recession since the Great Depression and he has given us the ability to flourish again. God deserves the glory for it all.

My primary message here is one of gratitude and grace. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our team as it is through these individuals that we were able to overcome our challenges and remain at the very top of our industry. I also convey a deep gratitude to our existing loyal clients and to our newest clients who have joined the team as you provide the inspiration for us to continue to innovate and improve. Our foundation has been tested and validated. We now look faithfully ahead together to make a difference beyond a standard worldly scorecard.