Why do our surveys often have the highest completion rates in the industry?

It’s quite simple--experience.  We have obtained more than 62,000,000 customer responses over many years, always trying to improve the rate of cooperation among respondents.  It’s important for you to hear from as many of your customers as possible, not just the ones who happen to be in a generous mood.  Our surveys yield a wealth of knowledge about referral and loyalty drivers, for example.

We know the subtle differences in approach that produce helpful engagement rather than rejection.  Of course, not everyone is able to take the time to participate and provide feedback, but our techniques definitely improve the odds.

Benefits of higher response rates in survey research:

High response rates mean that you have the chance to get honest feedback, learn from a more complete sample of customers, and engage with people who need a stronger connection with your brand.  Proactive customer engagement is just a better strategy for nurturing customer relationships, with a greater return on investment than other methods.  Don't settle for simply a 'statistically sound' sampling.  Every customer deserves an opportunity to be reached and to be heard.