Real time customer feedback can make your team the superheroes of customer satisfaction.

As never before, you can connect with customers to get customized, real time feedback--feedback you can use to engage a customer that has experienced a problem.  You might just save your brand, as far as that customer is concerned.

The technology is there, because the customer is holding it in his or her hand.  A smartphone is a great device for providing immediate feedback in real time with a simple survey form.  You just need to inform the customer (through signage with a QR code, for example) so they can easily make the connection.   We even make it simple to share favorable reviews in social media.  H2insight’s online review tool empowers patrons to write a review at the height of delight—right when a great experience happens. 

You get immediate customer feedback.

Since we’ve designed a system to alert you instantly when a review, especially a negative review, is received, you can go immediately to the customer to make things right.  If a customer has a poor experience that warrants immediate attention, Save the Brand™ sends an instant alert via text and email to the manager on duty.

Save the Brand™ gives you and your business units real time customer experience dashboard reports, with diagnostic, drill-down capability; you can even access individual surveys.

With authentic, real time survey data, you can design better training programs to improve the customer experience, and in-store survey feedback helps you recognize your top performing employees.