H2insight's Customer Experience Programs provides you with efficient, continuous access to your most valuable yet untapped resource for intelligence and referrals—your customers.

H2insight is an innovator in Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, with extensive expertise in surveys, customer calling, social review systems, POS feedback systems, and loyalty programs.   We employ multi-layered methodologies including e-mail, web, mail and telephone to help you achieve your customer satisfaction goals.  We consult with you on your customer experience challenges and build your program as a customized solution.

Competitively, H2insight provides solutions offering the strongest value proposition available in the marketplace for Customer Experience Programs.

Our H2RealTime reporting platform has set the bar for technology and innovation in customer satisfaction reporting for the last 26 years. We maintain the most user-friendly and intuitive reporting system in the industry. Clients receive surveys and customizable reports online in real time.  Systems include text and email notification capabilities in real time.  Our technology is coupled with the highest survey completion rates in our trade and a proven track record of client success.

H2insight clients have been recognized nationally for customer satisfaction, loyalty and quality.

Our goal is to provide the vehicles for customer experience excellence. We build each program to suit. Our services and areas of concentration include:

  • Real-time satisfaction surveys and reporting
  • Customer engagement and retention
  • Follow up and loyalty communications
  • Referral generation and touchpoint management
  • Social review systems
  • POS feedback systems (Save the Brand™)

Our Vision

H2insight will be the premier brand for a new age in “customer experience” and will lead the charge by changing the core dynamic of how organizations partner with Customer Experience Management firms. Our main objective is to obtain the perceptions of your customers in a manner appropriate with your brand and unique customer experience, organize those perceptions, deliver them in a meaningful and simple to understand format and suggest methods to improve and grow.

Our Track Record

Over the last 26 years, we have helped over 3,000 organizations improve their customer experience.  We have received numerous industry awards for customer satisfaction.  Just as importantly, we’ve helped our clients transform enhanced customer loyalty into revenue.