Engage your loyal customers through innovative technologies.

Okay, so you’ve “earned” loyal customers. What’s next?

How can you leverage that customer loyalty into additional revenue and referral sales?

Well, we know that great customer loyalty will do much of the “heavy lifting” on its own. After all, a delighted customer will yield exponential referrals compared to a moderately satisfied one. That said, we offer both technical and full service solutions and strategies that will assist you in reaching the true potential of your customer loyalty power. Tap into your customer advocates, and put loyalty to work for your brand.

Our loyalty and referral programs help you identify your customer advocates, implement reactive and proactive communication strategies, and engage your loyal customers through innovative technologies.

A few of our programs in this area include:

E-referralTap into your customer advocates for referrals. Immediate qualification and notification of loyal customers provides opportunities and team accountability like never before.

S.T.A.RSTAR stands for Strategic Touch-Point and Referral.  You want to maintain a consistent connection with your customer. We track your customers for you and provide communications to help you sustain an active, dynamic relationship.

EngaugeEngauge is a unique “point of sale” approach which engages the customer and provides loyalty and satisfaction information in real-time.

Make the most of the valuable customer loyalty you’ve created.  H2insight can help.