Customer Experience Management means intentional, continuous improvement in the satisfaction level delivered by your business.

The benefits of such improvement include stronger customer loyalty, higher value perception, increased price inelasticity, more positive social reputation, growing consumption, and greater ability to cross-sell.

Who wouldn’t want all of that?

H2insight designs customized solutions to help you increase customer satisfaction.  We tailor a solution to your business needs by drawing on our extensive Customer Experience Management capabilities and experience.  We call it Proactive Customer Engagement.

When you think about it, that kind of improvement can only be achieved if customers are giving you feedback, you’re obtaining insights from it, and you’re making actual improvements in operations to raise customer perceptions.

We put all these required activities together in the form of solutions that meet your unique needs.

H2insight offers expertise in an array of customer feedback mechanisms.  We’ve completed millions of phone and online surveys to get sincere customer feedback on actual experiences with our clients’ products and services.  We have top quality, trained callers at the ready.  We know how to ask questions to get useful evaluations, and we do it in a way that achieves some of the highest survey completion rates in the industry.  We can even get feedback that can be used for social reviews.

Getting the feedback is one thing.  Sharing the insights it contains with the right people at the right time is something else.  So, all our survey data is incorporated within a cloud database in real time, so the insights are potentially available immediately from anywhere via the Web.  Our masterfully designed reporting systems are crucial links in the process.  They’re designed to put insights on your screen in real time and allow for drill-down to the details.  We custom-design reports that are actionable for the people who can access them.

Making the operational changes necessary to improve customer satisfaction is ultimately up to you, but in many cases, we can help with that.  For example, if you market a product that must be renewed each year, we can help make pre-renewal calls that will improve retention.  Or, if you have other changes or announcements best delivered by a personal phone call, we can help with that.  Our clients know we take only the best care of their customers.