Whatever your product or service, the key determinant of your success is the quality of your customer relationships. The perceptions and opinions of your customers matter.

It's critical to listen to customers--to learn what their perceptions and opinions are. But listening is only the first step in proactive customer engagement. Listening through surveys, telemarketing, and social media creates many opportunities to engage with customers to strengthen relationships. For example, you can validate their feelings. You can let them vent. You can find out what's important to them. You can obtain reviews that might influence new prospects. You can thank them for their loyalty. You can explore other needs that they have.

Customer relationships are the crux of the matter. That's why we specialize in the science of proactive customer engagement--for any industry where customers matter.


Home buyers want to be assured that the quality of the home they're buying is the best. Homebuilders want to know buyers' perceptions of the quality of the homes they build. H2insight solutions help home buyers and homebuilders to connect--for the benefit of both.


Insurance agents have many responsibilities, and they never have as much time to interact with customers as they would like. H2insight's customized solutions for insurance companies help give field agents more time to do what they do best--sell insurance to customers who want it.


Restaurants want to give customers a great experience every time they visit. But it's difficult to get open customer feedback to solve quality problems. With H2insight's knowledge and experience, restauranteurs have the tools they need to strengthen customer relationships.


Manufacturing can incorporate a variety of customer touchpoints. From the sales and installation experience to customer service and parts, each of these possess an opportunity to exceed expectations and build loyalty for customer experience excellence. H2insight provides the tools in all phases of your manufacturing operations.


Shopper decisions are driven by the total customer experience. Retailers need feedback from willing customers, and H2insight can get their attention. What's more, H2insight can provide data about customer perceptions in real time, so retailers can respond before their competitors.


Face time is expensive and hard to come by. B2B companies have to engage customers efficiently and effectively. H2insight uses proven strategies and technology to help you become proactive in listening, responding, and meeting customer needs.


H2insight provides customized products and solutions for technology companies to meaningfully engage with customers. You can gain insights into users' experience with your product and find better ways to meet customer needs. Share ongoing positive feedback automatically in social media

Emerging Markets

Startups need crucial customer feedback to assure that resources are allocated to optimize the customer experience. Look to H2insight to provide customer perceptions and opinions in real time and help you tailor your product or service to customer preferences.

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