Ten reasons we engage customers more effectively than telemarketing firms.

H2insight does make phone calls to consumers.  But that’s where our similarity to telemarketing ends.  We’re not about forcing our agenda into your customers’ lives.  Instead, we offer a whole different way of looking at customer engagement.  Our fresh approach, customer experience expertise, and technology, coupled with a kind, cheerful delivery, help you and your customers achieve your goals.

Here is why we’re different from telemarketers:

  1. H2insight hires more effective customer experience agents. We make sure they can take a script, genuinely make it their own, adapt gracefully to surprises, and align themselves with the consumer.
  2. We recruit folks that share happiness. We find individuals who are naturally warm, friendly, and positive.  People who are a pleasure to hear on the phone.
  3. You get instant email notification when a customer needs immediate attention. With our “Hot Box” feature, you’ll be able to respond so quickly, your customer will know you care.  That helps restore relationships.
  4. We train customer experience agents more extensively. Our training helps callers understand what you’re hoping to learn and trying to accomplish.  They buy into the idea that your customers are valuable assets, and that their actions represent your brand.
  5. We use live manual dialing. Your customers know when they’re being called by a machine, and that negatively affects their response to your call.  All our calls are personal.
  6. H2insight provides real time customer information. As data is obtained from customers, it goes into your database and is available for immediate real-time reporting within your dashboard.
  7. H2insight uses better scripts. Our scripts are based on the belief that your customers are intelligent and don’t care to be manipulated for business purposes.  Our messages build on existing relationships and assume that, if treated with civility and respect, your customers will try to be helpful.
  8. We make calls according to your schedule. We’re flexible to schedule our calls whenever it’s appropriate for your customers based on their experience.  Your call volume can also be paced to align with your operational capabilities to respond to your customers.
  9. We leave a customized message. If unable to reach a customer, H2insight leaves a pre-prepared live message delivered in a personal way.
  10. We can provide your sales people with immediate notifications of specific answers. For example, if a customer indicates interest in another product, a desire to review their needs, or positive intention to attend an event, your people can be made aware in real time.